Demo Cases

Demo Cases

Cases for Presentation

You only get one chance to make a good first impression – and the first glance is often crucial to establish personal contact and generate interest. This makes an appealing setting for the presentation of goods all the more important. When products are presented to their best advantage, the chances are higher that the prospective customers will be interested.

A presentation case is the perfect way to enhance the appeal of small and larger products, from eyeglasses to decorative items. Presentation cases make it easy to present goods attractively directly on site with the customer, without requiring extensive setup. The case is opened quickly to reveal the orderly and organised contents. Naturally, this means the size and format of the presentation case needs to be tailored to the goods being presented, and the interior configuration has to be designed accordingly.

Aluminium Cases

We offer a range of aluminium cases; everything from off-the-shelf aluminium briefcases and boxes, to completely bespoke aluminium cases, designed and built around your equipment, to your exact specification. Whether you need a case for the transport and storage of basic materials, a case for costly electronic equipment we can provide the best solution. From small aluminium portfolio cases, briefcases and boxes to huge storage cases, you will find everything you need on our website. Individually manufactured aluminium cases. The aluminium cases can be produced tailor-made as special cases and therefore satisfy the demands required by them. What’s more, great comfort during transit is guaranteed thanks to the design with ergonomically designed handles, an extendible telescopic handle and castors. We have also a wide range of cases we get manufactured in China. These cases are stock items and can be supplied directly empty, with pluck foam or with a custom made interior and branded logo.

Custom Made Flightcases

Flight Cases Pro Custom offer a complete professional protection for your equipment. At Pro Fortius Technologies we utilise the very latest materials and cutting-edge technology to design and build a custom Flight Case solution that's tailored specifically to your needs. When it comes to flight Cases, everyone's needs are different. You might be looking to transport your equipment on a daily basis, in which case a telescopic handle and wheels would be a wise choice. On the other hand, it might be that your equipment will spend most of its time in storage, and a stackable trunk solution would be better. Please contact our sales department for further information or an offer. Please call +43 138 880 8080 | (After office hours) +43 664 7314 9608 or send us an email:

Overvies Flightcases



We have a wide range og plastic cases for presentation. You can give the standard case a personal touch by matching the colour of the locks and the colour of the case with your company logo, thus realizing the execution you wish. Should this not be possible, we can offer to manufacture the case in your own company colours. In this way your packaging solution is an added value for your product within your market segment. You can even increase the value of your case by using one of our printing possibilities: In Mould Labelling, Digiprint or Silk Screen Printing. For details please visit Printing Possibilities.

Case interiors

At Pro Fortius Technologies, we never lose sight of the fact that it's what's inside that really counts. That's why we offer a wide range of bespoke foam interiors for any style of case using CNC, water jet cutting and die cut shaped and engineered foam interior products produced via our CAD systems.

Packaging your equipment with a foam lining or a routed foam insert will give you the best protection for your equipment complementing the presentation of your product. Our experts are on hand to give you guidance on the most practical protection you may require.We use a closed cell Plastazote foam and expanded polyethylene. Our experts will give you details of the level of protection you require, which will depend on the criteria your application needs. Whatever those requirements, we can tailor the insert to meet your needs - such as anti-static foam, clean room environment nylon and vac-formed insert, and to carry your corporate identity through to the inside of your case we have the option of coloured laminated foams which can complement your samples/equipment.


Semi-Rigid Bags of Extreme Cases

Shell-Case Standard 300 Carrying Cases Suitable for professionals from various fields who carry their equipment as part of their jobs, and for companies requiring off-the-shelf cases to protect their products when used for demonstrations and as product packaging.;

Request a qoute

If you would like a quote or have any question about or product or services or on one of our bespoke cases, please contact our sales department.

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  1. Lightcase PB 1 with Foam (320x180x100mm)
    Special Price €30 €25 Regular Price €38
  2. Shell-Case Standard 300™ Model 320 (275x215x95mm)
    €62 €52
  3. Standard 300™ Model 311 (210x125x85mm)
    €32 €27
  4. Lightcase PB 2 with Foam (320x230x105mm)
    Special Price €35 €29 Regular Price €43
  5. Lightcase PB 3 with Foam (370x270x140mm)
    Special Price €41 €34 Regular Price €52
  6. Lightcase PB 4 with Foam (440x320x125mm)
    Special Price €52 €43 Regular Price €65
  7. Lightcase PB 6 with Foam (440x310x180mm)
    Special Price €59 €49 Regular Price €74
  8. Lightcase PB 7 With Foam (500x420x160mm)
    Special Price €86 €72 Regular Price €108
  9. Lightcase PB 8 with Foam (500x420x240mm)
    Special Price €99 €82 Regular Price €124
  10. Premium Aluminium Case Small With Foam (390x290x80mm)
    Special Price €144 €120 Regular Price €181
  11. Premium Aluminium Case Large With Foam (454x340x108mm)
    Special Price €175 €146 Regular Price €218
  12. Premium Aluminium Trolley Large with Foam (638x425x255mm)
    Special Price €487 €406 Regular Price €608
  13. Premium Aluminium Trolley Carry-On with Foam (500x340x220mm)
    Special Price €371 €309 Regular Price €464
  14. SPI Swing (165x120x30mm)
  15. SPI Drive (195x140x40mm)
  16. SPI Dart (230x165x50mm)
  17. SPI Jump (270x195x60mm)
  18. SPI Pace (320x230x70mm)
  19. SPI Sprint (380x275x80mm)
  20. SPI Pounche (450x320x100mm)
  21. SPI Glide (530x385x120mm)
  22. Plast Case Excellent X27070 (270x201x70mm)
  23. Plast Case Excellent X33080 (330x265x80mm)
  24. Plast Case Excellent X16522 (165x145x22mm)
  25. Plast Case Excellent X57300 (570x445x300mm)
  26. Plast Case Excellent X27070 (270x201x70mm)
  27. Plast Case Excellent X57250 (570x445x250mm)
  28. Plast Case Excellent X57200 (570x445x200mm)
  29. Plast Case Excellent X57175 (570x445x175mm)
  30. Plast Case Excellent X57150 (570x445x150mm)
  31. Plast Case Excellent X48300 (480x376x300mm)
  32. Plast Case Excellent X48250 (480x376x250mm)
  33. Plast Case Excellent X40125 (400x320x125mm)
  34. Plast Case Excellent X40150 (400x320x150mm)
  35. Plast Case Excellent X40151 (400x320x150mm)
  36. Plast Case Excellent X40175 (400x320x175mm)
  37. Plast Case Excellent X40200 (400x320x200mm)
  38. Plast Case Excellent X48150 (480x376x150mm)
  39. Plast Case Excellent X48175 (480x376x175mm)
  40. Plast Case Excellent X48200 (480x376x200mm)
  41. Plast Case Excellent X48225 (480x376x225mm)
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41 Items

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