Military Cases

Military Cases

Military Cases from High Performance Cases

Over the years, High Performance Cases has supplied the toughest custom built Flightcases and cases from the world's well-known brands like Peli Cases, Storm Cases, Hardigg, NANUK, UW Kinetics, SKB and Outdoor Cases. Our rugged transit containers and shipping cases are used day to day by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines to protect and transport sensitive electronic equipment and weapons.

We work directly with military agencies and defense contractors to develop reusable custom cases for military applications. From weapon transport cases to rackmount server cases, our custom military cases fill a wide variety of roles in today's armed services. When you work with us you have access to custom military equipment cases from top manufacturers, along with our capabilities for advanced customisation.

Extreme Waterproof Cases

Below you’ll find our lineup of rugged military cases. Similar to our waterproof cases, these cases are extremely well built and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Most of these cases are tested to military specifications. For all cases we offer custom foam interior in medium and high denisty foam and even conductive foam. 

Extreme Military Cases from Peli, Hardigg, NANUK, SKB

Extreme Military Cases from Peli, Hardigg, NANUK, SKB

Custom Made Flightcases.

Over the past few years, we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke Flightcases with a wealth of experience in providing practical solutions for complicated technical challenges. In fact, many of our cases become an integrated part of the equipment, providing function and form as well as protection during transportation and storage. As well as ‘Traditional’ Flightcases using industry standard components, selection can be made from many panel materials such as: Composite, Plywood, Plastic Honeycomb, Astra Board & Aluminium Honeycomb all of which are available in a range of thicknesses, resulting in "The Perfect Flightcase".


Peli Specials..

Peli-Hardigg™ is the specialised manufacturer of the toughest, watertight, dust-proof and chemical resistant shipping cases in the market. Our extra-large rotomoulded containers enable sensitive equipment to travel through the most versatile environments and arrive safely and operational. These extremely tough transport cases have reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection. Recessed handles, latches and hinges prevents them from being sheared off during transport. Besides, our rotomolded transport boxes include matching top and bottom ribs, so they won’t shift when stacked.

Why Peli?..

Peli Case is an unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical-resistant and corrosion-proof hard case used to carry any kind of equipment that needs to be protected from the elements. It is made of Ultra High Impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong and durable.